It’s not your fault your not that guy

It’s not your fault your not that guy  I was getting out of a low point in my life, but I was still vulnerable. I had a pretty bad score in relationships. I was heartbroken. I kept believing this guys that showed me attention, only to leave when they got what they wanted.  Then I… Continue reading It’s not your fault your not that guy

Same, same but different 

Same, same but different  I’m doing a challenge that is called the real is beautiful, and the teacher said this phrase and it struck a chord. “Same, same but different”. It’s funny how if you look, life does give you everything that you need, you might not like it, but it is what you need. … Continue reading Same, same but different 

Sleepless night thoughts 

Sleepless night thoughts  I can’t sleep tonight. Same bull shit as always keeps me awake. How do one get over a feeling of unworthiness? Why do I keep searching my worth in the same people that took it away, more than take it away, they just prove my reasoning that I’m not good enough for… Continue reading Sleepless night thoughts