When the heart hurts

When the heart hurts…

Let it

When your soul feels sorrow…

Let it 

When the tears come down your face…

Let them 

Allow yourself to get lost, fall down or not know the answer.

Because in the chaos of the unknown, in the mist of suffering is when our souls grow. It’s only through crisis that we realize of the necessary change that our life needs. 

But we were taught to resist, resist pain, glue back together a broken heart, to never stop, to seek a pretend happiness above all. We were taught to stay where we are comfortable. We were encourage to hold on to the tears and get ourselves together by avoiding suffering. 

It’s time to unlearn, it’s time to allow, to have compassion, to let the brokenness be broken for the light to get in, to let the soul grief for everything that didn’t happen, for everyone that is not here anymore. Don’t let yourself get angry, open, love and open a little bit more, because it’s time to let the tears flow as much as we let a laugh take over.

Let yourself feel, let yourself experience whatever it needs to. And then grow, change and live in the certainty that everything is part of the experience of your life, that is unique, painful and so, so beautiful, just like you.

And then wake up every day proud of the person you let yourself become. 

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